Stupid Koreans

2010-08-13 03:33:59 by Sakaretsu

I kinda don't like Korean Dramas... They're so lame. There are only three topics in a korean drama. 1. illegimate children (children outside marriage) 2. Big companies and 3. Love square, where four people are attracted to each other somehow. Or it could be a fusion of things like 1&2 where a illegimate child takes the company/money and leaving a villian frustrated (Bread,Love and Dreams).Even 1,2&3 all together, where an illegimate child falls into a love square, realizes his spot in the company leaving the enemy dissapointed but leaves the company cause he feels he doesn't fit in (Becoming a Billionaire). Hope you can hate Korean Dramas too! Here's a picture of a famous korean... what's his name?

Stupid Koreans


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2010-08-13 06:20:32

cool! u play ygo too?

Sakaretsu responds:

yup! yes I do!


2010-08-13 07:38:31